Version 1.9 released.

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Version 1.9 released.

Postby Tony » Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:21 pm

Quite a big one this time......I'll let Dan tell you =

FlyInside 1.9 Released - 12/8/2017
FlyInside 1.9 overhauls FlyInside interaction with major improvents! It also adds support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Interaction Improvements
FlyInside 1.9 brings interaction improvements across the board. We've tested and improved interaction in every stock aircraft across FSX, X-Plane 11, and Prepar3D v4. We've fixed general bugs with some interactors in X-Plane and Prepar3D v4. FlyInside 1.9 also includes corrections to flaps levers, throttle levers, and magneto switches across quite a few aircraft.

Note that some X-Plane aircraft are still missing grab-able yokes. These were surprisingly technically difficult to fix, and we hope to correct the issue with a future update.

Vive and Windows Mixed Reality users will notice another huge change. We've unified our interaction system so that Vive and Mixed Reality controllers share the same system as Leap Motion and Oculus Touch. Your controllers will now appear as hands within VR. By default your hand is making a pointing gesture. Reach out and touch buttons, aircraft controls, switches, etc to manipulate them. Squeeze your trigger to make a fist, to grab levers. The same fist lets you grab virtual window controls to move and size virtual windows.

Windows Mixed Reality
FlyInside 1.9 also adds Windows Mixed Reality support. To use these, install Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR and download the SteamVR version of FlyInside. This support is still somewhat beta, we're working on improving asynchronous timewarp reliability with these headsets. The WMR controllers are supported too.

Aircraft Fixes
We've also fixed a major compatibility bug with the CEF plugin for X-Plane, allowing you to fly the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate in VR. There are still same shader bugs occuring with FlyInside and this aircraft, you can get around them by using EFB for X-Plane and disabling reflections.

Download from the store :)
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