FF 767-300 Professional - release 1.1.30

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FF 767-300 Professional - release 1.1.30

Postby Greyman » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:38 am

I have just installed this update, that was released yesterday, and it appears to give FI XP Pro some real issues.

Although the SIM window appears to show that the cockpit has been fully drawn and moving the headset around appears to give the correct behaviour. However, when you put the headset on, the scene is somewhat different.

The whole cockpit moves when i move my head, not all of the instruments have been drawn and the XP11 icons in the top right of the SIM screen do not work, to name but 3.

As every other aircraft appears to work, it is probably the FF crew that have missed something or erred in some way on the code, but i thought it useful for other peeps to know, before you update or buy this aircraft. Oh and you might want to avoid its 757 "sister" aircraft too, as that has just had what looks like a very similar update applied.

I have posted this on the associated FF forum on xplane.org and will keep you in the loop, as and when there is any progress.

Edit: by way of an update it would appear that the fault lies within the aircraft's TGDS plugin, so while FF sort out that fault, you could use this version, in VR, by disabling that plugin, after the aircraft has loaded. Also, it would appear that the 757 update is NOT affected by the same issue, so you should be good to upgrade/buy that.

Edit: as a correction, it would now appear that the 757 is affected by the same problem, as it also uses the TGDS plugin. However, this looks like a strange issue, as another Rift/FI user has used the latest update with no problems, but i have the same VR freeze issues. For now i am just disabling the TGDS plugin and the devs have said that they will send me the fixed code, for testing, when they have done it. I don't think it will be long before they get some Rifts and FI in, so that they will be able to test it better themselves. :)
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