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Forum rules

Postby Tony » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:42 pm

Forum Rules
Postby admin » Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:46 am

Hi All,

This message board is meant to be a friendly space where users can report bugs, experiences, and suggestions from the Alpha Preview. My goal is to create a stable, fun, useful product, and an important part of that is keeping track of bug reports efficiently. A few rules and suggestions to make this work nicely:

Include your operating system, processor, gpu, FSX version in your signature so I know what's up at a glance.
One bug per thread. If you've found two different bugs, create two different threads. If you also have a feature suggestion, create a separate thread for that.
One thread per bug. If someone has already posted a bug you want to report, just leave a comment on their thread stating that you are also experiencing it, along with any details.
You can also have general discussions regarding the software here. Your post does not have to be a bug or feature request.

The usual community rules apply:

No dirty images, your post will be deleted, you will be banned.
No swearing/hate speech/attacks on other members. I may edit your posts, delete your posts, or ban you.
I understand that discussions about interesting topics can get heated. Try to stay civil, if a thread gets unproductive and angry I'll lock it. On the other hand, productive discussion, even with some arguing is welcome. Complex subjects can fo course lead to differing opinions.

This message board is here for friendly and interesting discussion related to Virtual Reality, Flight Simulation, FlyInside, etc. Have ideas? I'll probably read them. Keep it child-friendly though, there isn't anything particularly offensive or controversial about virtual reality flight simulation, so if a post feels non-PG, it is probably getting too far off topic.

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