Don't get this. Waste of time.

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Don't get this. Waste of time.

Postby Cmarad1983 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:22 pm

Bought WMR few days ago, absolute disappointment and frustration.
I've had Rift before, and I have top end system with water cooling 1080Ti, 7700K etc. With Rift everything was ok, now after two complete days of struggle:
Native Xp11 Vr - does not work
Native P3D4 - does not work (unflyable) stutters etc.

Flyinside Xp11 - poor performance (tried everything) and on top sudden CTD's out of nowhere, random. No eye candy comparing to Rift at all.
Flyinside P3dv3 and V4 (have both), something definitely wrong on the side of flyinside here. Both sims vanilla (all default) don't get higher than 30fps in sim with low settings. (30/90), if you set all graphics to 0 (absolute minimal) you will get 45-50/90 in default aircraft. Now picture yourself with weather, a bit 3d objects and larger city on complex plane? You won't even load up.

DCS - somewhat ok experience, but I'm not able to tell a big difference between Rift and WMR. Again, unexpected stutters and CTD as a must. 1/10 flights you will get one.

For me, this is the end of story with Flyinside, I'm giving my account for free to anybody and sending WMR back to Microsoft for a refund.
The VR for sims is just not here yet. Will wait for 5 years.
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Re: Don't get this. Waste of time.

Postby jkeye » Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:58 am

Sorry to hear your woes.
We VR users are explorers of uncharted territory in a way
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Re: Don't get this. Waste of time.

Postby Cmarad1983 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:10 pm

I put on the Rift and everything is back to normal, and actually looks better.
I don't know who made this in WMR, but their Virtual Portal app (which should be running in order to use) and SteamVR for WMR which also needs to be running in order to play games both take roughly 50-60% CPU and 20% GPU resources. On IDLE! Meaning without even starting game. Sent it back to Microsoft for refund.
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