Option to limit intense white for less aliasing/screen door

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Option to limit intense white for less aliasing/screen door

Postby whitav8 » Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:24 pm

I continue to really like trying to improve the image when flying/taxiing at airports. At first I was complaining about the lack of quality of SMAA antialiasing but I have come to understand that the chief problem is any thin (from the pilot's eyepoint) polygons with "white" color. This is not only tough for antialiasing but really seems to "excite' the screen door effect. I have found that setting the time to late afternoon - not dusk - really "grays up" the scene and the twinkling is really reduced. I used the slew mode to point at some white and thin antennas on top of a control tower and just slowly rotate in roll/bank and noticed that the SMAA was fine after setting time to later. Unfortunately, the runway marking - especially the sidelines still twinkle.
I was wondering if you could consider an option to adding a function to your shaders before the SMAA occurs that would limit the intensity of color - especially to maybe 235,235,235 or so. I think this might be really helpful for image quality even though it would seem a little "darker" to the viewer
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