FLYINSIDE update to P3D 4.4

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FLYINSIDE update to P3D 4.4

Postby malexdu » Wed Dec 19, 2018 5:35 am

Can we get an indication when we we will get the update for compatibility with P3D 4.4 please? Only FI outstanding, every other add on has been updated that I use...three weeks and counting ....quite frustrating guys.

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Re: FLYINSIDE update to P3D 4.4

Postby ChrisK » Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:29 am

It's no big deal to be compatible wih 4.4 as confirmed by other developers.
So i'm trying native VR to get rid of FlyINside.

Its not much left by LM.
- Zooming in and out is possible
- Resizing of windows and moving of 2D Windows (ATC, Panel PopUps) is now possible.
Translate: LeftMouseDown + Shift
Uniform Scale: LeftMouseDown + Shift + Ctrl
Resize Panel: LeftMouseDown + Shift + Tab
Mouse movement does the rescale of the windows

I'm using FSUIPC and assigned the recenter function to a button on my throttle.
The overall graphic quality is much better than with FI (using 4SSAA and no VC Panel mipmap which gives more clarity)
Whats left by LM
- The mouse cursor is a big dot, which makes it little bit difficult to target switches and knobs
- theres no possibility to import other (e.g charts) windows
- Scaling of the world is not possible
- No Leap Motion nor Touch Controller support

But i'm quite sure that LM will add some of this and more in the next Releases.
Ok Guys at FI , you should speed up or FI will be useless in the near future ....
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Re: FLYINSIDE update to P3D 4.4

Postby DHR » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:29 pm

If I understand your post correctly, you have sucessfully removed FlyInside from P3d4? If so, could you explain to me how exactly I can do this as well? I cannot seem to remove it properly or completely. I’ve tried the normal uninstall from the program list but something has latched on and messes up the sim
I now keep FI installed only so that I can use the sim. But I wish to update to 4.4 and would really like to see FI gone completely.
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Re: FLYINSIDE update to P3D 4.4

Postby Antonisrho » Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:14 pm

Be patient guys, last time it took them months!!!! Probably they will release it a month before prepar3d 4.5...have faith....I'm now using native VR which has really improved significantly. Flyinside is becoming a product which you can actually use for a couple of months because p3d is updated so regularly and they cannot keep the way....nice update of your Flyinside simulator! You completely dropped support for a well established product for something which will take years to develop and I would definitely not buy any time soon.....especially with such a proven disregard for existing customers.
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